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Learn the Basics of Barrel Proof Whiskey

Although whiskey has just four simple ingredients: water, grain, yeast, and oak, it can get complicated. To understand the term ‘barrel proof,’ for instance, you must understand the oak barrel’s role—to house the whiskey as it matures, imparting pleasurable flavors and also eliminating undesirable ones. Then there’s proof, which is simply a measure of alcohol content equal to twice the percentage of alcohol by volume. For example, a 100 proof spirit is 50% alcohol. Although it is not part of the federal government’s Standards of Identity for Distilled Spirits, the term ‘barrel proof’ is officially defined. In 1979, the Federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms “recognized the need to establish guidelines for use of the terms Original Proof, Original Barrel Proof, Entry Proof and Barrel Proof on distilled spirits labels.” (See ATF Ruling 79-9) Original proof, original barrel proof, and entry proof on a label indicate the same thing: “that the proof of the spirits entered into the barrel and the proof of the bottled spirits are the same.” This is more unusual than you might imagine, and there is a good explanation. Proof often changes during aging. In the cool climate of Scotland, proof tends to stay the same or go down. In Kentucky and Tennessee, where the climate is warmer and only new barrels are used, proof almost always goes up. Barrel proof is a little...

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Extreme weather outlook

Queensland is under threat this week from both a heatwave and Cyclone Oma. Sky News Chief Meteorologist Tom Saunders explains. — Australia’s #1 news...

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Aqua-what? Tandem launches new Aquavit menu starring Linie Aquavit

DSC00279 Image by m0bile To celebrate the rich history of Danish hospitality and everyday life, TANDEM launches a new cocktail menu inspired by Aquavit. Renowned across Scandinavia as “the water of life”, Aquavit remains one of Europe’s most sought-after heirloom spirits. After a brilliantly received launch in 2018, TANDEM is once again transporting people to the streets of Copenhagen with a new cocktail menu from February 2019, comprising seven signature Aquavit cocktails. Peter Lynn at Tandem, Newtown. “Aquavit has a rich history in Scandinavia”, says Peter Lynn, Founder of TANDEM. “Its slightly savoury notes are so evocative of Danish...

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Eight & Sand Blended Bourbon, 40 Year Old Scotch & More New Whisky

bourbon Image by protogarrett See more at Vanilla Garlic. It’s a mixed bag of whisky and whiskey this week. First up, MGP Distillery has unveiled a new brand called Eight & Sand. The whiskey is a blended bourbon, which includes both straight bourbon and other unspecified American whiskeys. It’s hitting shelves in a dozen states for $ 30. Want to taste whisky from a long-dead distillery? Littlemill 40 year old, distilled in the waning days of the 1970s, is available from Loch Lomond Group. Just 250 bottles are being released, including 23 coming to the U.S. for the hefty, but...

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Oyster farmer backs oil exploration in SA

Cleveland Whiskey: Christmas edition Image by sκullface I designed the red foil Christmas labels for this illustrious local black bourbon whiskey. SA oyster grower Bruce Zippel is backing prospective oil exploration in the Great Australian Bight. Video by AAPEA — Australia’s #1 news...

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