Our story is not hard or complicated.

Basically, me and my business partner (buddy), drink a bunch of bourbon every weekend.

We were sick of paying silly prices.

Like “fuel watch” on the TV, we wanted a website to visit where we could source bottle-shops that weren’t trying to rip us off.

If you can’t get a good bottle of bourbon for under $40, something’s wrong.

Now, we’ve made it easy to see where you can get bourbon from at a great price.

Plus, we were sick of wearing surf-brand t-shirts. We wanted to create our own brand. So we created the Bourbon brand.

Simple as that.

Life’s too short to pay $50 for a $40 bottle of bourbon and to wear surf clothes when you don’t surf.

Also. Instead of having a lame gmail.com email address, we wanted to have cool bourbon.com.au email addresses. Now you can too 🙂

Bourbon, man! Some people get it, some people don’t.

Rob & Grant.